BankProspector LeaderBoard

We’re working on a number of new features and enhancements for BankProspector right now because we want to help you succeed faster and do more deals.

One of the ways we thought might be helpful if if we gave you better insight into what kind of volume you’re doing in some of the key tasks in the business.

To that end, we introduce…

The LeaderBoard

The leaderboard shows the top numbers, average, and your numbers in 3 key areas, namely:

  1. The number of lenders you’re targeting
  2. The number of contacts you have
  3. The number of times you’ve reached out to those contacts (calculated by the number of “notes” that you take)

What should these numbers be?

Well that all depends on your commitment level. For most people working full time more than 200 lenders would be too many, somewhere between 100 and 200 is probably a good number depending on the prospecting plan that you’re working.

If you’re working part-time then you should be targeting about half that if you can.

For each target you should probably have a minimum of 2-3 contacts because its a very rare case that there won’t be more than one stakeholder in any organization.

For each of these contacts you should expect to contact them between 3 and 7 times before they know you and then you’ll want to maintain some light, regular communication.

I wrote a post about this here and you’ll also find some value on this post.

We’ve got a number of things we’re releasing over the coming months so keep your eyes open and, as always, we welcome any and all feedback.

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