Loans & Leases Held for Sale

Loans and leases listed as ‘For Sale’ are not necessarily real estate notes nor are they necessarily the whole body of available notes for sale, we track them anyway.

  1. Total Portfolio
  2. 30-89 Days Late
  3. 90+ Days Late
  4. Nonaccrual Loans

Very often a lender may be willing to entertain the sale of non-performing notes to investors or other lenders that are not reflected in their loans and leases held for sale totals but may be reflected in the 90 Day Late or Non-accrual columns. 

Past due 30 through 89 days and still accruing

These loans are a precursor of things to come for the bank and while they’re a problem area and important, they are not urgent.

Past due 90 days or more and still accruing

Loans that are 90 days late or more are reported in this section by asset type. 90 Day Lates are good to know if you are prospecting pre-foreclosures, appraisal work, workout consulting, foreclosure auction or legal work, non-performing notes for sale and more.

At 90 days late the loans are a problem but they have not yet become  critical. The truth is that a very small amount of loans that become 90 days late ever get back on track; 90 Day late balances are a precursor to non-accrual and eventually a sale or foreclosure and reporting as loans and leases held for sale.

Non-Accrual Loans Held for Sale

Non-accrual loans held for sale are the latest and most problematic loans for banks. Loans that are 30+ days late or ()+ days late adn still accruing eventually feed into non-accrual unless the loans are sold or foreclosed upon before they hit that stage.