What is DistressedPro?

DistressedPro is a small company run by  Brecht Palombo, dedicated to teaching the world about distressed property investing; which includes purchasing and brokering notes and REO properties direct from banks and credit unions. Check out our About Us page to learn more about our company.

We offer several products and services...

Podcast - Brecht hosts Distressed Pro’s Property Professional’s Podcast Series, where industry professionals provide insight about the lessons they've learned, and what has allowed them to be successful regardless of changes in market condition. With topics ranging from opportunities and challenges in commercial property receivership, critical components for a successful distressed assets fund, how to setup and run distressed asset mastermind groups, case studies, and more.

BankProspector - Subscription based prospecting software made for finding distressed assets at banks and credit unions across the US. BankProspector takes all the public bank and credit union data offered by the FDIC, FFIEC, and NCUA, then makes it visual and searchable. Our data is updated daily, with large quarterly updates occurring as soon as the data is made public.

Bank Direct Mastery - Our exclusive training academy and resource bundle that teaches everything you need to know about the business of distressed property. We start with a solid foundation, teaching you how banks and bankers work with, and unload, these assets. We follow it up with specifics on what to look for, help you setup systems for prospecting, and provide resources to assist with call scripting and marketing campaign writing. We cap off the training with case studies and valuation tips, due diligence checklists, and tons of form samples to guide you through the entire asset buying/brokering process.

Investors Database - Our directory of investors looking to fund note and REO deals along with their requirements and contact details.

LASER - A professional loan evaluation tool, LASER (Loan Acquisition Suitability Evaluation & Rating system) was developed by Patrick Blount in response to a request for proposal from the FDIC. We offer his spreadsheet for download.

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