Contact Reminders

Contact Reminders are accessible from your personalized Dashboard. This is where you can access your saved notes to yourself to follow up with certain leads and targets. 

Your reminder section is probably blank, but we'll fill that up soon enough.To add notes and reminders for later you'll start with the individual bank or credit union page, and then, from the Action menu floating along the right side of the screen, choose the Making Contact option.Any comments you have saved to this bank record in the past will appear here.

In the middle section of the layover window, we display your most recent contact history with this bank-- anything you've saved to the notes box on the right over time.Save your notes here-- we'll add them to the bank record, and if you make a note to contact them in the future, we'll setup a reminder in your dashboard!

When you add notes to a contact, we notice when you say things like "on Tuesday" or "next month" and give you the option to automatically add a reminder on your BankProspector Dashboard. Check out the example below:

You will also find some of this information on your personal Dashboard.

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