Managing Contacts

As you might already know, we have our own database of contact information available to our members. Our product is not meant to be a directory for contact information, but we do what we can. We have staff that only does contact finding-- they work on filling out our database and search for specific contacts requested by our subscribers-- if you don't see what you are looking for, we'll find it for you.

To add a contact, you must first visit the individual page for that bank or credit union and click Find Contacts in the Action Control Menu on the left.

An overlay will appear. On the Left, We show you two tabs, Add a Contact and My Contacts-- these are contacts associated with only this bank or credit union.

If you found a contact using your own means (i.e. Google, LinkedIn, or the bank website) you can add the information here and click save-- the contact information will be added to your Contacts section, and will be saved here for future reference.

You can of course edit and delete contacts from here as well.

On the right, we'll list any contacts we've already found for this particular bank or credit union.

To add one of these contacts to your personal saved list, click the copy button to the right of the contact name... You'll see that the fields on the right will populate with the contact info-- you can edit this if you like.

Once you click Save, this contact will be saved in your personal Contacts section.

Below that, we have a Request a Contact field where you can ask our staff to help you find the contact you are looking for.

You can close this overlay using the X in the upper right corner of the menu.

You should also have your own means of contact finding. Use free tools like the bank website, Google, and LinkedIn. There are other services that do this specifically, and some, like, will allow a few free searches per month.

The contacts tab is where we'll list all the contacts that you have saved into our system.

Here you will just see an editable list of contacts you picked out and added to your personal list. You can sort, export, and edit from here. We also link to the bank report page for easy research when you are making follow up calls.

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