How Use Tags

Tags are how you keep your 200+ target banks organized.

Tags are labels... Instead of putting rainbow colored sticky dots on things, you just add a few keywords so you have a more versatile way of sorting all these banks. You can sort by any Tag you want-- locations, asset types, bank health, or whatever specific labels matter to you.

All your tags are put into a drop down menu accessible via the Tags button at the top of the page. You can pull up all the banks under any tag at any time.

You should assign tags thoughtfully and alter them as things change.

In the example to the right I added a few tags, MO to easily identify what state this bank is in, REO to identify what type of assets are likely a good target, and Construction, which was the category in which this bank held the most distressed assets

This is only one example of using tags-- use a method that makes sense for you. Remember any banks and credit unions you tag will show up in your tags menu, and you can create lists of banks and credit unions with these tags at any time-- so if you are looking for a particular asset type for an investor you can easily find the banks you've already vetted.

To delete tags, just click the X to the right of the tag name. To delete a tag from your list of tags, you will need to delete every instance of that tag (so visit each of the banks containing this tag, and delete it from each of the records).