BankProspector V2 - Notes Overview

BankProspector Notes

Users can now track, sort, keyword search, filter, and export notes associated with lender contacts, all in one organized, easy-to-use interface.  

Notes List

BankProspector users can add notes to any bank or credit union in the system.  The Note List is divided by Bank and Credit Unions. Each list can be searched, sorted, filtered by lender name,  and exported.  Users can also delete one or multiple notes right from the list view.

Note Details

Users will click on the Note Content in blue from either their bank or credit union contact list.  Users can edit note content or delete the note right from the Edit view.

To edit a note, users can update the text in the note field.  Once the changes are entered, click the blue update button.  Keep in mind the note field cannot be left blank in order to save a change.

To delete a  note, click the red and white Delete button at the bottom left of the details view.  A confirmation message will appear – just click Delete to continue or click the X to cancel that request.

Adding Notes

To add a new note, users will need to visit a Bank or Credit Union individual page.  Once there, find the Bank/Credit Union Action Section and click on Notes.

Notes is a section where users can keep quick notes for each bank.  Simply type a note in the text field and click add a note.  The notes are kept in the Notes History section of the Notes tab.  The history includes a date and timestamp, a copy of the original note.  Members can edit these notes directly.  They can also remove an old note by clicking on the line of the note that’s no longer important and clicking the trash icon.  A confirmation message will pop up to ensure that it’s OK to delete the note.  Click Delete Note to proceed or cancel to keep the note.  Notes will automatically be copied to your Note List.