BankProspector V2 - Contacts Overview


Contact List

Once members start Finding Contacts and saving them, a contacts list is formed. Members' contact lists are divided between Banks and Credit Unions.  Each list can be searched, sorted, filtered by tags, updated column visibility, and exported.  Members can also delete one or multiple contacts right from the list view.

Contact Details

Members will click on the Contact name in blue from either their bank or credit union contact list.  Contact details include: Name, title, email, phone, LinkedIn page, and address.  Members can edit contact details, delete contacts, and flag contacts for bad information right from the details page.  

To edit contact details, members can fill out and remove form fields.  Once the changes are entered, click the blue update button.  Keep in mind that some fields are required to update the form.  We’ve indicated which fields are required with an asterisk. 

To delete a contact, click the red and white Delete button at the bottom left of the details view.  A confirmation message will appear – just click Delete to continue or click the X to cancel that request.

To flag a contact, click the grey flag button at the bottom center of the details view.  Select the reason from the dropdown when the modal appears and click Flag.  This flagged request is sent out immediately to our data team to work on finding updated information.  Our team will then send a follow-up email with the status of the flagged request.


Members can find new bank or credit union contacts in the Find Contacts Section of Bank or Credit Union Actions.  Members can scroll through the existing list of contacts we have available or they can search by Title, and Location to find a new contact.  If we have something that matches the search, a list will be populated.  Members click on the Add Person icon to the left of the title of the contact to add them to the system.

If we don’t have a match for the search criteria, we do offer an option to request new contacts.  Members can provide us with the title of the contact you’re looking for and our data team will try their best to find something comparable.  


My Contacts is where individual contacts for a bank or credit union are saved.  These can be contacts saved through BankProspector or contacts added directly to their account.  Each bank or credit union’s contact list can be exported.  Members can Add New contacts directly in the Bank or Credit Union Actions “My Contacts” Section.  Existing contacts can be searched by name or title.  The list can be sorted by name and title as well.  

To view contact details, members can click on the Contact Name.  That will display a modal with all contact details saved in the system.  These fields are able to be edited. In the Edit record modal, members can also delete a contact or flag a contact for incorrect information.  We also enabled a “quick contact” method for each contact.  

To export contact details, users can check one or more contacts on their list.  In the top of the My Contacts list, there is an export button.  Click the export button to export the selected contact(s).

Members are now able to email, call, and connect via LinkedIn directly in the My Contacts list -- simply click on one of the contact icons to start a new engagement.  If members would rather just write down or copy a phone number or email address, we also included the ability to hover over those icons for the email address and phone number for quick reference.

Requesting a Contact

If members don't find the contact they are looking for then they can request a contact by title. Members can have up to 10 contact requests at a time.

How Requesting Contacts Works

  • We have a team of full-time contact researchers.

  • These researchers are already working to edit and update contacts every single weekday.

  • We use a pre-set list of titles (nearly 300) from which you can choose to make your request

  • When you make a request that request is sent to our backend application where our data collectors and contact managers work.

  • If a contact with a similar title already exists, you will receive a notification with this indication

  • If the specific title that you requested cannot be found then the closest title that we're able to find will be substituted and you will be notified

  • If the specific title you requested cannot be found AND a suitable alternative cannot be found then you will be notified of that

  • In addition to our full-time staff, we use multiple online resources (programmatically, using APIs) to find and augment data including email addresses

  • Once we have an email address that address is tested both with software and manually meaning we email the recipient and look for a bounce

  • If we find a contact but we are unable, through our various methods, to find an email that works then we mark this contact as "Best available" and no further research will be done for that contact.

Keep in Mind: Not All Lenders Have All Titles, Not All Titles Have the Same Responsibilities

Lenders are businesses and just like any other business the titles and responsibilities for those titles change from lender to lender regionally and for other reasons. If you're not familiar with the internal operations of a bank, what the responsibilities are, and what the likely titles and roles are then you should sign up for our training or go through it if you have not.