BankProspector V2 - Power Search

Power Search is the tool in BankProspector where members can search by location based on specific criteria to find banks or credit unions that fit their needs.  In V2, we replaced Advanced Search and Power Search, with our newly updated Power Search Tool.  Power Search now included Banks and Credit Unions.  So the Power Search is a much more comprehensive and powerful search.

Let's go through the steps of running a Power Search.  Today's criteria: Banks in Florida or Georgia, with $1000 of BOTH Commercial REO and Residential REO.

First, we're going to select our states from the locations criteria section.   To select one or more states check off the State checkbox under Locations and check off the states you're interested in.  If you want to do a search across all states, you can check off the Select All box.  To enter a specific city, check the City checkbox under Locations.  Type in one or more city names that you'd like to search for institutions in. Next, we're going to enter our criteria.  We're going to run our search here to see what banks populate in Florida and Georgia.

To narrow down this list, we'll add a new filter for Banks with SOME Commerical REO in Florida and Georgia, so we'll use a small number like $1000.  To enter this, we'll select Commercial Real Estate, and then check off Commercial REO and enter a minimum value of $1000 and leave the maximum value blank.  We'll click Run Search again to see how our results table is modified.

Keep in mind, when running your searches, ALL statements must be true to have results.  If you are finding you are searching for banks with multiple sets of criteria and your results are coming up blank, try removing some of your filters or modifying the values you are using.

We'll narrow this list down once more, by adding another filter.  So now we are looking for banks in Florida and Georgia that have BOTH Commerical REO and Residential REO of at minimum $1000.  We'll find Residential Real Estate on our criteria list.  Check off Residential REO and enter 1000 into the minimum value, leaving the maximum value blank.  Click Run Search again and see how the table changed.  We narrowed down our bank list from 245 down to 22 Banks.  As you search across more filters, the table column will update to include each filter applied.  You can also manually add or remove columns on the results table.  

Once the table is loaded with results, we can update the Column Visibility to show more or fewer details on the results table.  Simply check off the columns to repopulate the table. Banks can be added to the target watch list right from the Power Search results table.  Simply click the Blue Plus Icon.  That will add the bank to the target watch list.  To remove the bank from the target watch list, click the green Check icon. To get the contacts, members will click the down arrow on the bank row -- this will expand all the contacts available for that bank. That'll show members the contacts that are in this that are available.  Contacts that were mistakenly added can also be removed here by clicking the minus icon to remove. The ability to bulk add contacts and targets from Power Search is also available.  Once the results are populated, members can Target All banks by clicking on the Target All or Target All Contacts** by clicking on the Save All button at the top left.

Members have the ability to save a Power Search.  This allows members to quickly re-run specific searches from time to time to see if new banks and/or contacts appear in those searches.  This is typically run by our members on a quarterly basis. Saved searches can also be quickly pulled up from the Dashboard.

**Members with contact limits may not be able to Save All contacts if they have already used a portion of their contact balance.  Save All contacts will not allow you to save all contacts if enough contact credits are not available.  For example, a member is allocated 200 contacts for the month, they've already used 50 and the power search found 175 contacts.  The user only has 150 credits available, so the system will not process the Save All request.  Instead, members will need to individually add contacts from the list in the method shown above.