BankProspector V2 - Getting Started

BankProspector is a subscription service that aggregates all public bank and credit union data and makes it searchable. The software also includes built-in prospecting tools such as a contact manager, targeting tools, and a powerful advanced search feature.

BankProspector starts each member with a view of the Dashboard.  Each Dashboard features a high-level overview of each member’s recent activities, targeted banks & credit unions, and a snapshot of the current market.

Members are able to dive deeper into the system by Viewing market details about Banks and Credit Unions - both high-level and in-depth for each institution.  Members also have the ability to search through our database of Lending Servicers.  

Utilizing the Power Search tool -- members can filter search results based on geography as well as narrow down those results based on specific market criteria.  From there, institutions can be targeted and exports can be populated based on each specific Power Search.

Members who target institutions and save Contacts can easily populate those lists for quick viewing in BankProspector directly and/or create exports for Targets and Contacts to view outside of the system. Individual institutions can also be tagged for quick references, those tag lists can also be exported.

Each page in BankProspector has the option to filter by Quarter - using the quarter selector.  Members can also search for a specific institution by name.