Bulk Property Values Setup and Configuration

A Google Sheets Add-On from Distressed Pro

Membership is required to use this add-on.



  1. A current Distressed Pro membership
  2. A Zillow API key
  3. A Google account with access to Google Sheets


If you do not already have a BankProspector Premium membership or haven't purchse the Bulk Property Values product please contact us at support@distressedpro.com so we can get you a link.

The next thing you need to do is go grab a Zillow API key. At the time of this writing Zillow API keys are free and you can sign up to get yours here https://www.zillow.com/howto/api/APIOverview.htm

Now you can grab the Sheets Add-On from the Chrome Web Store here.

Follow the prompts to allow all requested access.

When you launch the add-on you will be prompted for your username and password - use your username and password from your distressedpro.com membership.

Next you will be prompted for your "ZWSID" this is your Zillow API key from the second step above.

Bulke Property Values Setup Video


Please note that Distressed Pro is not affiliated with nor representing Zillow or Google and we do not have any control, rights, or responsibilities with regards to these 3rd party servicse.


Once you've set


If you need to delete the add-on for any reason you can uninstall it from your Google Sheets. If you'd like us to delete your information from our database completely please contact support@distressedpro.com. Please note you will permanently lose all access to any products.


If you need help with this product please contact us at support@distressedpro.com.

Report an Issue

If you need to report an issue with this add-on please contact us at support@distressedpro.com