Site or App Not Working

From time to time BankProspector will experience a bug and we're always happy to fix them! And we're grateful for our customers having found them. Many issues, however, are not in fact bugs but are user-related.

Before you contact us about a bug or issue please check the following:

  • Browser
    • Visit this page you will be provided a link that you can share with us that will show us the technology you're using.
    • Our site, like most, is best experienced with the Chrome Browser - most of the web is using it. If you are not then please try it first. Our site is also tested and works great on Safari and Firefox.
    • We do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Make sure you have the latest version of whatever browser you're using
  • Connection: 
    • If you are using a VPN like ZScaler or similar you may experience issues we can't resolve or you
    • If you are on a dial-up or similarly slow internet connection your experience may be degraded and we can't help you.
    • We are not able to test or support you with non-standard internet access and connection issues and we recommend you not use those services when accessing Distressed Pro 
  • Browser Plugins:
    • Browser plugins can cause problems with the web pages you're visiting by blocking or conflicting with the libraries and resources we use to build the site. 
    • Shut off or uninstall suspicious plugins
    • Check your "JavaScript Console" for errors. Here's how to do that. SKIP Step 2 as it does not apply.
    • If you're using aggressive adblockers your experience will suffer. Exclude our site from your ad blocker.

We are here to help and support you in the use of our website and software but we are not able to help you with your own technology. We are also not able to make accommodations or changes to our system for individual users' personal technology choices.