BankProspector V2 - Data Updates and Accuracy

How often is BankProspector data updated?

All of our bank and credit union data is updated nightly. Institutions file quarterly call reports but also file updates periodically. We pull in all changes once per day.

How often do banks file call reports?

Banks file their call reports quarterly but many also make amendments to those reports. Quarters are as follows:

  1. January - March
  2. April - June
  3. July - September
  4. October - December

When do banks file new call reports?

Banks must file their call reports starting on the 15th of the month following the close of the quarter and finishing by the end of the month with the largest institutions having an additional 5 days. BankProspector automatically shows the most recent complete quarter. During reporting periods BankProspector will show the most recent complete quarter until 95% of banks have failed. Reporting periods are as follows:

  1. Q1 April 15th - May 5th
  2. Q2 July 15th - August 5th
  3. Q3 October 15th - November 5th
  4. Q4 January 15th - February 5th

How can I see different call report quarters in BankProspector?

If the number of banks reporting data seems low in BankProspector, this means that some banks haven't reported yet and we are still in the process of updating the most recent data.

If you do see a low reporting number, you can always toggle to an older set of data via the drop-down in the upper right corner of your BankProspector secondary navigation menu.

Note that changing the reporting period will apply to all pages.

How do I know BankProspector data is accurate?

From time to time you might see what looks like strange or missing data from a bank record. While we, of course, want to make sure that all of our data is up to date and accurate we'll ask you to first check for a discrepancy. 

Here's how you verify the data is correct in BankProspector.

Verify BankProspector Data