Membership Options

We offer several products and product combinations whether you're looking for leads, training, or to get your company's name in front of other professionals. 

Contact us so we can direct you to the best package and pricing available for your current business situation.

We can help you determine which of our offerings is best for you based on your current business. Our products and memberships include:

  • BankProspector Software - The industry-leading prospecting software for finding and connecting with institutional sellers of non-performing notes and REO. (Learn More)
  • Bank Direct Mastery Training - Comprehensive professional-grade training that helps you find and do lender direct distressed asset deals whether you're just getting started today or you're an experienced professional. (Learn More)
  • Verified Investor's Database - List your specific acquisition criteria so that it can be found by hundreds of professionals who are prospecting for deals. (Learn More)
  • Loan Acquisition Suitability Evaluation and Rating System - An expert-level note acquisition assessment tool that will help you determine whether or not the acquisition of a specific note is likely to meet the required return for your funds. Only available as an add-on for current customers.