Can I get an invoice?

We do not provide invoices.

If you are in need of proof of payment for tax purposes you may use your credit card or PayPal statement. 

The IRS says in their own documentation here that credit card statements are acceptable.

What kind of records should I keep?

Expenses are the costs you incur (other than purchases) to carry on your business. Your supporting documents should show the amount paid and a description that shows the amount was for a business expense. Documents for expenses include the following:

  • Canceled checks or other documents that identify payee, amount, and proof of payment/electronic funds transferred
  • Cash register tapes
  • Account statements
  • Credit card receipts and statements
  • Invoices
  • Petty cash slips for small cash payments

Additionally you can go to your My Account page and print with Command+P on your Mac or Ctrl+P on Windows.

This documentation is sufficient for your records according to the IRS website.

If you still insist on an invoice you can pay $20 per invoice to be generated, paid in advance by direct billing to your credit card.

Sorry, no exceptions.