BankProspector Contacts

BankProspector provides you access to thousands of continually updated bank and credit union contacts. 

Our full-time Contact Managers spend all day researching and calling on lenders to find the best contacts.

Our contacts are continually updated. Here's how to find a contact for a lender that we have in our database.

Complete Contacts Overview

Copy Contacts

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Flagging Bad Contacts

If you find any bad data in our contacts database, we want to know about it!

We put the flagging feature in the Make Contact menu-- since you probably won't know the contact is bad until you attempt to make contact with a potential client. If you learn that someone doesn't work at that bank anymore, or if their email or phone number are inaccurate, you can flag it right from this screen. 

You'll see the Make Contact menu on the right float menu while you are looking at any bank record. 

After clicking Make Contact. You can now flag bad contact info by clicking the flag icon on the top right hand side of any contact and selecting the reason for the flag: Bad Email, Bad Phone, No Longer with Company or Other. 

Once a contact has been flagged, it is sent to our contact managers who will either delete or update the contact information. 

To learn more about how to use BankProspector, check out the course we created just for our subscribers!

Basic Contact Export

You can export your contacts in BankProspector so that you can use them anywhere (like your CRM or email marketing software). 

  1. Visit the app
  2. Click on "Contacts" in the app's navigation
  3. Choose the type of export you're looking for (CSV, Excel, PDF) and click the appropriate; we recommend CSV
  4. Name your file and remember where you saved it.

That's it!

NOTE: Members may not have the export feature during their trial. If you do not see the export buttons then you are still in your trial period. If you believe this to be incorrect please let support know at support at